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We've had great responses from doctors who've tried Centrix NoCord VPS and now it's your turn to see how truly revolutionary this product is. You won't believe how easy it is to use NoCord VPS to retract, control bleeding and take a clear, final impression in one system.

Revolutionary Material

NoCord Wash is the first wash material to incorporate a hemostatic agent to control bleeding and fluid flows.

  • 15% alum (ammonium aluminum sulfate) effectively closes cut capillaries, controlling bleeding

The unique NoCord MegaBody Tray Material is 'stiffer' to drive the wash into the sulcus to displace gingiva and completely capture prep margins with NoCord Wash Material.

  • No retraction cord means no gingival trauma
  • More comfortable for patients, easier and less time consuming for you

Technique Friendly

There's no need to learn a new procedure. Simply use your traditional, one step wash and tray technique

Saves Real Time, Real Money

All-in-one system that retracts, controls bleeding and takes a clear, final impression.

Eliminates the time and costs to use retraction cord or paste and to apply an astringent.

Brilliant Results

Clear, accurate, detailed margins with excellent dimensional stability. Independent evaluation and test results show that NoCord VPS exceeds ISO standards and is equivalent to leading VPS brands1.

Precise fit restorations, no adjustment needed.

1. Data on file.

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Doctor Testimonials

Photo or Dr. Jon A Heezen, DDS
Jon A Heezen, DDS (Tracy, MN)

For every impression I take, I no longer pack cord, apply a separate hemostatic agent or add a retraction paste to the already hectic schedule of a general dentist.  I simply place NoCord Wash around the crown prep and gingiva, add NoCord MegaBody Tray material to my impression tray, seat the impression tray.   That's it, very easy, saves time, and produces excellent results.

Photo or Dr. Kurtzmann, DDS
Gregori M. Kurtzman, DDS, MAGD, FPFA, FACD, FADI, DICOI, DADIA (Silver Spring, MD)

Through 30 years of clinical practice, having tried and used every impression material and gingival retraction method that's been available, I have found the NoCord VPS impression material that eliminates separate retraction and hemostasis steps, to be the easiest method of saving time when taking impressions I am able to achieve the best impressions I have been able to get in my career.

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What is the NoCord VPS One-step, Self-retracting Impressioning System?

NoCord VPS is a unique impressioning system that makes impression taking easier, more predictable and assured. It's designed to take impressions without separate gingival retraction and hemostatic control steps.

What is included in the NoCord VPS system?

NoCord VPS system consists of the NoCord Wash and NoCord MegaBody Tray Materials and all the needed accessories, including Centrix's 3.n.One Impression Dual Arch Trays, SuperMixer high-efficiency less waste mixing nozzles, and tips.

Can NoCord MegaBody Tray Material be used with other wash materials?

No. If NoCord MegaBody Tray Material is used with other wash materials, it will not deliver the bleeding and fluids control of the NoCord VPS System, since only NoCord Wash Material contains its unique hemostatic and retraction paste formulation.

Which materials should not come in contact with NoCord VPS and will affect product and procedure performance?

NoCord VPS Materials (NoCord Wash & NoCord MegaBody Tray Materials) and all VPS impression materials should not come in contact with sources of sulfur (latex gloves, ferric sulfate solutions, etc.) as setting may be affected.

Which technique should be used with the NoCord VPS System?

There's no need to learn a new procedure, simply use your traditional wash and tray technique.

What makes NoCord VPS system unique compared to other VPS impression materials?

Our revolutionary NoCord Wash Material retracts the gingiva, stops fluid flow and controls bleeding therefore eliminating time and costs of packing cord and applying hemostatic agents. NoCord Wash contains 15% alum to constrict capillary oozing, control bleeding and displaces gingival crevicular fluids to provide dry, bubble free margins. When NoCord Wash Material is used with our NoCord MegaBody Tray Material, it drives the wash into the sulcus and pushes the tissue. The combination of both provides a clear final impression.

Which steps are eliminated from a wash and tray technique when the NoCord VPS System is used?

NoCord VPS system is designed to take impressions without separate gingival retraction and hemostatic control steps.

How much time does NoCord VPS save me in a wash and tray technique?

You can save approximately 3 minutes per restorative procedure.

Can NoCord Wash Material be used with other tray materials?

No. NoCord Wash and NoCord MegaBody Tray Material have been specially formulated to work together as a system and should always be used together. If used separately, one will not get the unique benefits of the NoCord VPS system.

In which types of clinical or patient cases can the NoCord VPS system be used?

NoCord VPS system can be used for temporary or permanent crowns or bridges, implants, veneers, aligners, denture cases and anywhere you would use VPS impression materials.