NoCord VPS System Intro Kit

One-Step, Self-Retracting Impressioning System

NoCord VPS System Intro Kit

The NoCord VPS System Intro Kit is a revolutionary One-Step, Self-Retracting Impressioning System designed specifically for the wash and tray technique. It consists of the Centrix NoCord Wash and NoCord MegaBody Tray Materials which together produce highly accurate dental impressions without the need for retraction cords and pastes. NoCord Wash and NoCord MegaBody Tray Materials are addition-reaction silicone-based elastomeric materials, or vinyl polysiloxane (VPS), offering excellent physical and dimensional properties as well as providing high accuracy and stability. Without a separate retraction procedure, NoCord Wash and MegaBody Tray Materials have been specially formulated to work together as a system and should always be used together to obtain the best, final impression results.

Kit includes:

  • NoCord Wash Material (6 x 50mL)
  • NoCord MegaBody Tray Material (12 x 50mL)
  • SuperMixer Mixing Tips, 12 Teal Hubs (use with tray materials)
  • SuperMixer Mixing Tips, 12 Yellow Hubs with 18 gauge green hub stainless steel tip (use with wash materials)
  • 3.n.One Impression Trays Samplers (2 anterior and 2 quadrant dual arch trays)

NoCord VPS System Intro Kit

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What is included in the NoCord VPS system?

NoCord VPS system consists of the NoCord Wash and NoCord MegaBody Tray Materials and all the needed accessories, including Centrix’s 3.n.One Impression Dual Arch Trays, SuperMixer high-efficiency less waste mixing nozzles, and tips.

Can NoCord MegaBody Tray Material be used with other wash material?

No. If NoCord MegaBody Tray Material is used with other wash materials, it will not deliver the bleeding and fluids control of the NoCord VPS System, since only NoCord Wash Material contains its unique hemostatic and retraction paste formulation.

What materials should NoCord VPS not come in contact with to affect product and procedure performance?

NoCord VPS Materials (NoCord Wash & NoCord MegaBody Tray Materials) and all VPS impression materials should not come in contact with sources of sulfur (latex gloves, ferric sulfate solutions, etc.) as setting may be affected.

What makes NoCord VPS system unique compared to other VPS impression materials?

Our revolutionary NoCord Wash Material retracts the gingiva, stops fluid flow and controls bleeding therefore eliminating time and costs of packing cord and applying hemostatic agents. NoCord Wash contains 15% alum to constrict capillary oozing, control bleeding and displaces gingival crevicular fluids to provide dry, bubble free margins. When NoCord Wash Material is used with our NoCord MegaBody Tray Material, it drives the wash into the sulcus and pushes the tissue. The combination of both provides a clear final impression.

What steps does NoCord VPS System eliminates in a wash and tray technique?

NoCord VPS system is designed to take impressions without separate gingival retraction and hemostatic control steps.

How much time does NoCord VPS save me in a wash and tray technique?

You can save approximately 3 minutes per restorative procedure.

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